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blast in deep water

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Dear all,
I am proud to present to i-mechanicians some recent work by my student Andreas Schiffer. We provide a new experimental technique and detailed analytical models to explore one-dimensional underwater blast problems in deep water.
Schiffer et al, 2012, The Response of Rigid Plates to Deep Water Blast: Analytical Models and Finite Element Predictions, J. App. Mech

Schiffer and Tagarielli, 2012, The response of rigid plates to blast in deep water: fluid–structure interaction experiments, Proc. Roy. Soc. A 

Six more papers by Schiffer/Tagarielli will appear soon on similar topics, inculding:

- underwater blast on orthotropic elastic plates

- underwater blast on sandwich structures

- underwater blast on a monolithic double-hull structure


Hope you will enjoy the read


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