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Post-Doc Opening at MIT:Bio-inspired Architectural Armor Design

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 Post-Doc Opening: Bio-inspired Architectural Armor Design
Immediate opening available for post-doctoral associate to carry interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of digital fabrication and structural biological and bio-inspired materials. The purpose of this funded DOD research is to elucidate and understand structure-property relationships of biological exoskeletons using state-of-the-art multi-scale experimental and computational mechanics-of-materials methods and implementing these findings in a new fabrication technology able to dynamically mix and vary material properties on the fly. Examples of topical areas include the roles of hierarchy, multi-layering, functionally graded and geometrically-interlocking inter-phases, spatial heterogeneity, anisotropy, and confinement. The aim is to both enhance the fundamental understanding of the concept of “mechanical property amplification,” i.e. how biological systems achieve orders-of-magnitude increases in strength and toughness relative to their constituents, which occur in a non-additive manner beyond composite rule of mixture formulations; and to implement these findings in the generation of a suite of armor designs supporting weight reduction and increased flexibility / mobility without degradation of protection capabilities, improved multi-hit capability, and multifunctional performance across diverse operational environments. Experience with computational design/geometry, finite elements, CAD, Rhino, 3D printing, Solidworks, programming/scripting, desirable.
PIs include Profs. Christine Ortiz (, Mary C. Boyce (, and Neri Oxman ( send CV to

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