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How does iMechanica work?

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iMechanica runs as a multiblog, and aims to be the web of mechanics and mechanicians.

A blog (short for weblog) is a web site on which an individual or a small group of individuals can post entries in a chonological order, with the most recent entry appearing on the top. Each entry has a unique URL, so that it can be linked to as an individual unit. This granularity, perhaps more than anything else, is responsible for the popularity of blogs as a means for communication.

All blogs on the Internet are collectively known as the blogshpere. Blog entries interact with one another by hyperlinks. If each blog entry were an atom, the blogsphere would be a condensed matter. Its collective behavior may as well be a subject of academic study.

Once you join iMechanica, you will have your blog. Posting a blog entry is similar as sending an email. All you need is a title and a body. You can also add images and and attach files. iMechanica provides an easy platform, so that you can focus on content rather than the technologies of server, database, PHP and XML.

Your entries will remain in your blog for the world to read all time. Some of your entries may be promoted to the front page of iMechanica by our moderators. Readers can leave comments below your entries. They can also subscribe to your RSS feed, or link to your entry from their own entries.

Thus, writers write, readers read, and the Internet help us to find one another.

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