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Ph.D. in seismology and geodynamics at ETH Zurich

The institute of Geophysics of ETH Zurich is seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. candidate to be working in the domain of seismic imaging of the Earth's interior. Global seismic tomography is a relatively young discipline that rose to prominence in the 1980s and
early 90s, when it consolidated many aspects of plate tectonics and lead to the discovery of lower-mantle subduction and lowermost-mantle large-scale low-shear-velocity provinces. While in the past global tomographers have been concerned with the isotropic velocity of shear or compressional waves, the successful candidate will focus on imaging of seismic anisotropy and of compositional heterogeneity, based on a particularly large and diverse database. A key aspect of the project is its multidisciplinary nature: the student will interact closely with researchers in seismology (Lapo Boschi , Tarje Nissen-Meyer , Domenico Giardini ), mineral physics (Carmen Sanchez-Valle ) and geodynamics (Paul Tackley ). Knowledge of all these disciplines will be gained to then properly interpret seismic imaging results in terms of the Earth's nature, origin and history. Time permitting, computational aspects of the inverse problem (i.e., the adjoint method) will be explored. Applicants must hold a M. Sc., Diploma or equivalent in the geosciences, physics, applied mathematics, computer sciences or related fields. Some familiarity with computer programming and a solid knowledge of English are mandatory. The Institute of Geophysics at ETH Zurich boasts a strong research and teaching environment covering a
wide array of disciplines and Zurich is consistently ranked as one of the cities with highest life quality worldwide. Please consult the Seismology and Geodynamics web pages or contact Dr. Lapo Boschi for further information. Complete applications must include a curriculum vitae and contact details of two referees familiar with the academic ability of the candidate, and should be emailed to Dr. Boschi: (electronic PDF format preferred). The search starts now (April 2011) and will continue until the position is filled. Tentative starting date: September 2011.

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