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Book for beam theory

Can any one suggest me book for detailed study for Timoshanko And Euler Burnoulli Beam theory?

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Here is a paper talk about timo beam

J R Hutchinson, J. of App. Mech, 2001,68,87-92


Sir Thank you for giving me this ref.



You may write me to

and we can assist you in Mechanics of Materials.

One question: do you have a student Maple 11 or 12 version?

As. Prof. Siarhei Arlou 

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Timoshenko beam model is a simple concept to relax the normal cross section assumption so that the Euler-Bernoulli model can be corrected. However, there are two seemingly unsettled issues of this model. One is the definition of transverse shear strain, and another is the shear correction factors. There are a lot of work about this two issues, particulary the shear correction factors, however, an agreement has not been reached yet.

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Nitesh P. Yelve B.Tech.,M.Tech.

if you can tell me your specific application area, i can suggest some journal papers but you can always read a good book on mechanics of meterials to understand the piezo concept. you will be better equipped if you prime yourself with electrostatics and tensors. please read book by perlin and parton on theory of elasticity (MIR Publishers). the author gives a good insight into this with thermal analogy.
best wishes

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