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welcome to the International Conference of Heterogeneous Materials Mechanics (ICHMM) in Huangshan, China, June 3-8

ICHMM2008 is being held at the Huangshan International Hotel (first phase: June 3-6)and the North Sea Hotel (second phase: June 7-8), both located in Huangshan City, AnhuiProvince, China.In Chinese, Huangshan means "YellowMountain." Huangshan Cityis located in southeastern China,in the southern region of Anhui Province, with ZhejiangProvince to its east and Jianxi Provinceto its south. With a population of 1,400,000 and an area of 9807 squarekilometers (3786 square miles), HuangshanCity is about 15 times the size of Singapore, and is one of the large cities of Anhui province. Yellow Mountain(Mt. Huangshan)is famous for its rocks, gnarled pine trees, sea of clouds and hot springs. It was formedby crustal uplift over a hundred million years ago, and subsequently underwentglacial erosion, which created the mountain's magnificent appearance. Adistinctive part of China’snature destinations and heritage, HuangshanCity offers uniqueopportunities to add a cultural component to the scientific interactions atICHMM 2008.





I will work for it  June 1-9. Are there any friends of iMechanica  to attend this conference.


My name is Chang-guo Xue. If you come to ICHMM 2008 ,you can contact me.



zhan-sheng guo's picture

i will attend this important conference.

according to co-chair Prof. Fan requirement, i will pick up some people from Pudong airport and then go Huangshan.

i think there are many people will attend this conference.

nice to meet you in Huangshan.

I am a man from Suihua city of Heilongjiang province.
Wish I can learn some experience of research from you!

  I have taken many photos about the ICHMM 2008 and put some scenery  in the you like ,you can brows in this website.      ICHMM 2008 Huangmei Operal(32) _pd(4,6,2008); Jun 4, 2008
ICHMM 2008 Huangshan(108) _pd(1,6,2008); Jun 1, 2008
ICHMM 2008 Hongcun town(68) _pd(1,6,2008); Jun 1, 2008 

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