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Running ABAQUS CAE through MATLAB 7

Dear all,


I went through the forums and came across one similar topic, posted by alex_612 "Using Matlab to optimize the ABAQUS/Explicit FE mode", but with no replies. So I would like to bring this similar topic up again.

The problem:

1. I would like to open ABAQUS CAE thought MATLAB (which i have managed to do with the dos('command')), and then run a script as well, through MATLAB. I am using MATLAB 7 and would preferably like to run the whole process thought MATLAB.

2. Is there any reference to this kind of method anywhere? has it been done before? Is it possible at all?

Any help would be very grateful, thank you all very much in advance!

Best regards,


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Hi Raul,
Yes, it's feasible. I'm doing the similar thing. To call a executable in Matlab without quitting it, just use the "!".

You can check out Matlab help: Running External Programs

Check out this paper: Journal of Biomechanics 40 (2007) 936–940 and its supplement material, this is exactly what you look for.

Good luck.


Hi Ruogang,

 I have been lucky today, i managed to sort out my problem, and everything works as it should, which leads me to the next step of my research. Thank you very much for your help anyways, im sure i will be back to ask more questions if im stuck. Thanks!





I am naive to optimization by linking amaqus to matlab. Please help. So that I also can reach to the next step of my research.


Thanks and Regards

P m G


I have to do a similar thing but since i am new to both Abaqus and matlab i wd appreciate if any one of you can give me some sort of example file that i can use to learn how to connect both sofwares. I have tried on my own with the guidelines u described but it didnt work. my email is





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Running Abaqus in Matlab environment « FEG: A journey of a mind

Following shows you a snip how to perform the analysis repeatedly in Matlab. for i = 1 : 10 istatus = dos(’abq661 job=filename interactive’); % Run Abaqus, ...



ABAQUS: ABAQUS FEA Solver - Using Matlab in Abaqus

I am new to both Abaqus and Matlab and i would appreciate if some one can help me a bit in interfacing Matlab with Abaqus. I am doing a buckling analysis of ... - 24k ABAQUS AND MATLAB


Hi Ruogang,

Thank you very much for pointing out the procedure. I was about to ask to do exactly the same issue as Raul has when I cought you explaination !



 Does anybody know if MATLAB functions/scripts can be called in to an ABAQUS subroutine like UMAT?


Alankar Ph.D. Student School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Washington State University, Pullman

It appears to be possible to call Matlab from Fortran, but I've never done it. It is certainly feasible.

Hi Ruogang,

 I cannot get the complemental data of the paper mentioned above. Could you please somehow send me that part ?


Thank you very much


Literately no way (subroutine), but nothing imposibble. 

How to read n use Abaqus simulation data in Matlab? Please guide

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