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isotropic/anisotropic material setting in Abaqus


 I try to model a layered laminated composite plate in Abaqus and carry out analysis using ABAQUS/Explicit. However, the explicit do not support the compoiste layup function in the ABAQUS/CAE. Therefore, I divide the plate into serveral layer and then assign an anisotropic material to each layer but there is a error message after I carried out the data check.

 "Anisotropic material properties without a local orientation system have been defined for 67008 elements. Anisotripic material properties must be defined in a local orientation system. The elements are identified in element set ErrElemAnisotropicMaterial."

 I use "assign" --> "materal orientation" to assign a local coordinate for the material. However, the error is the same. I spend a lot of time on it but i still don't know where is the problem....

Does anyone know how to solve this problem??

Also, is there any other better approach to model the layered laminated composite plate in ABAQUS/Explicit??

 Thanks a lot!!


Please make sure your anisotropic material properties are correct and assign this material section to each layer.




I already have this problem. 

If you assign the material orientation at the global frame, Abaqus couldn't sove your problem.


The solution is to create a "local frame" associated at each layer. And after, you assign the material orientation for each "local frame".




please detail to assign  the orientation material.


 i am doing my final year project on layered plate analysis of Mg and other Metal.feel it difficult to simulate Mg.

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