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Yonggang Huang was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008

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Prof. Yonggang Huang of Northwestern University was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008. Today, the president of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Edward Hirsch announced that 190 new fellowships were choosen from more than 2,600 applicants (news ). Yonggang won the competition because of his achievement on atomistic-based continuum theory for nanomaterials. A complete list is here



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I learned a lot from you, thanks a lot, Young.

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Congratulations to Yonggang!

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Congratulations, Young!

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Mr. Guggenheim stared to support aeronautical research in early 1900s. Now aerospace advance provide us great freedom. I believe we'll be beneficial from your pioneering work in mechanical, electronic, civil and defense engineering..


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