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Machining simulation in ABAQUS Software

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the subject of finite element method. I have been trying to get proficient with the software ABAQUS.

I was trying to simulate the machining process, where a tool traverses over the workpiece. I found a tutorial where the Time period in the step  module was given to be 0.001 and the displacement boundary condition of 0.02 was assigned to the tool,  other parameters were given in meters and seconds. I was wondering how the cutting speed (i.e. velocity of the tool in m/s) could be derived from the data given above. Also what would the time period be if instead of displacement, velocity was assigned to the tool.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


From the information provided, the cutting speed (velocity of the tool) can be calculated using the formula:

Cutting Speed = Displacement / Time Period


Given that the displacement boundary condition of 0.02 meters was assigned to the tool and the time period in the step module was 0.001 seconds, you can calculate the cutting speed as follows:

Cutting Speed = 0.02 m / 0.001 s = 20 m/s


If, instead of displacement, velocity were assigned to the tool, the time period for the step would need to be adjusted accordingly. To calculate the new time period when assigning velocity, you can use the formula:

Time Period = Displacement / Velocity


If you have the velocity of the tool and want to find the appropriate time period, you can rearrange the formula to:

Time Period = Displacement / Velocity


I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance.

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