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Call for abstract submission to SES 2024: MS 10.4 Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments

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Dear colleagues, 

The  2024 Society of Engineering Science Technical Meeting to be held at WestLake University, HangZhou, China, August 20-23. On behalf of my colleagues below, I invite you to consider submitting an abstract to the MS 10.4 Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments. Below is a description of this MS. 


Developing materials for extreme environments is critical for engineering advanced devices capable of withstanding harsh conditions. As global energy demands rise, the development of new energy technologies increasingly relies on materials that can endure extreme pressures, temperatures, and fluxes of energetic particles and photons, as well as aggressive chemical reactions. Under the duress of extreme conditions, the mechanical properties of materials can change significantly. Metals may experience embrittlement or creep when exposed to high-temperature environments in jet engines or power plants, leading to potential failure even at low stress levels. Ceramics could undergo thermal shock or become more susceptible to fracture when subjected to sudden temperature changes, as seen in spacecraft thermal protection systems during re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Polymers might degrade or lose their structural integrity due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation in outdoor applications or the vacuum of space, compromising their mechanical performance over time. Investigating the mechanics of materials in extreme environments aids in the design and manufacturing of materials that are not only more resilient but also more efficient for use. This symposium provides a platform for scientists and engineers to present their latest research in addressing the mechanics of materials in extreme environments. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

● Materials in extreme thermal environments, e.g., elevated temperatures and cryogenic conditions;

● Materials subjected to shock loading or high hydrostatic pressures;

● Materials exposed to high fluxes of energetic particles (e.g., neutrons, protons, and helium nuclei) and photons;

● Hydrogen embrittlement in materials;

● Materials in chemically reactive environments, such as those involving corrosion, oxidation, or acidic conditions.



Shuozhi Xu, University of Oklahoma,

Dengke Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 

Yanqing Su, Utah State University, 

Xiang Zhang, University of Wyoming,  





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