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New book for undergraduate mechanics of solids

Lallit Anand, Ken Kamrin, and myself have just come out with a new book, Introducation to Mechanics of Solid Materials, published by Oxford University Press.  The target audience is 3rd or 4th year engineering and science students.

The five main parts of the books are: I Foundations (Kinematics and Strain, Stress and Equilibrium); II Linear Elasticity; III Plasticity and Creep (1D, physcial basis, and 3D); IV Linear elastic fracture mechanics and creep; V Linear Viscoelasticity; VI Large deformation Rubber Elasticity (principal directions); VII Continuous fiber laminated composites.  There is also a self-contained set of appendicies on classical structural theories (bending, torsion, energy methods, etc.)

A companion volume with over 200 problems is downloadable for free; many problems have fully worked solutions to learn from and there are additional problems for testing your skills.  An instructor version is also available with solutions to all the problems.

Attached is a flyer with added information and a 30% discount code.

We hope you and your students find the book useful.




Here is an abbreviated version of the table of contents:

Table of Contents

1. Kinematics and strain
2. Stress and equilibrium
3. Balance laws of forces and moments for small deformations
4. Stress and strain are symmetric second-order tensors
5. Isotropic linear elasticity
6. Elastic deformation of thick-walled cylinders
7. Stress concentration
8. Wave propagation in isotropic elastic bodies
9. Limits to elastic response
10. One-dimensional plasticity
11. Physical basis of metal plasticity
12. Three-dimensional rate-independent plasticity
13. Three-dimensional rate-dependent plasticity
14. Introduction to fracture mechanics
15. Linear elastic fracture mechanics
16. Energy-based approach to fracture
17. Fatigue
18. Linear viscoelasticity
19. Linear viscoelasticity under oscillatory strain and stress
20. Temperature dependence of linear viscoelastic response
21. Three-dimensional linear viscoelasticity
22. Rubber elasticity
23. Continuous-fiber polymer-matrix composites
A. Thin-walled pressure vessels
B. Elastic bending of beams
C. Elastic buckling of columns
D. Torsion of circular elastic shafts
E. Castigliano's theorems
F. Elasticity in different coordinate systems
G. Hardness of a material
H. Stress intensity factors for some crack configurations
I. MATLAB codes


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