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About weak formulation

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Hello dear all


I have a question about the weak formulation.


It's my pleasure if one dear person guides me.

please see the small attached PDF file.

Ahmad Yavari



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you can times the both sides with test function, then integrate by part only with the terms have spatial derivative.

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Hello dear

Thank you very much for your attention. Yes, I did these two steps and the forms 1 and 2 are after those. The first differential equation after weak formulation can be written in two forms. I want to know that those are different or are the same for getting the results.

So what are you unknows: u and any others?

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Look dear Bin

I have a differential equation for wave motion as the PDF file.

then, I can write the weak formulation for this differential equation in two forms again as the PDF files and also according to these two formulations of weak form we have two different boundary conditions too. When I solve these two forms of weak formulation I get two different results. Now, I want to know that, are they the same and my code is wrong or they are different basically and if they are different which one is true?

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It's my pleasure to become your new friend.

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