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Using Noise to Control Micromechanical & Macromechanical Systems

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Thanks for sharing this.  I confess I am driven myself to study non-linear dynamics . Since we are studying also with Prof. Hoffmann similar systems (but we hadn't been considering the case of noise), I was wondering if you think your concepts are useful also for our systems (see 2 papers below), and we could perhaps take a closer look at each other's work.

RegardsProf. M.Ciavarella
Politecnico di BARI - ITALY   [PDF] bifurcations in a self-excited oscillator chain with cyclic symmetryA PapangeloA GroletL SallesHoffmann… - … in Nonlinear Science …, 2017 - Elsevier   [PDF] Full TextTravelling and standing envelope solitons in discrete non-linear cyclic structuresA GroletHoffmannF Thouverez… - Mechanical Systems and …, 2016 - Elsevier

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