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Yong Zhu is the new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

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Yong Zhu, of North Carolina State University, will become the new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club starting from Jan. 1, 2016. His research addresses basic and applied problems at the intersection of solid mechanics and micro/nano-technology, which has been recognized by a list of awards, including the 2015 ASME Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award.  He also served as the Discussion Leader of iMechanica Journal Club in January 2010 on MEMS-based Instrumentation for Experimental Nanomechanics.

The iMechanica Journal Club was initiated in January 2007, and has been the most visible feature of iMechanica.  Many past themes of the Journal Club have helped to catalyze new areas of research.  You might wish to take a quick look at the list of past themes and discussion leaders. The list shows the vitality of research in mechanics, and the ingenuity of some of the most dynamic researchers. Many of them are at early stages of their careers.  

Feel free to contact Yong if you have an idea for a theme, or if you would like to volunteer as a Discussion Leader. His email is Thanks!




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Congratulations, Yong!

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