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Abaqus non linear viscoelasticity and variable strain rates.

Hi ,


I am using abaqus to model a non linear viscoelastic polymer. I have input my relaxation test data as shear data for viscoelastic properties. I have added hyperelastic properties with uniaxial stress strain data as well.
However I find that the results of output stress strain only match for a constant strain rate.
Would it be possible to have the strain rate dependence reflect on the output.I would like to see the stress strain plot changing with changes in the strain rate.

Would be very helpful if anybody could direct me to any article/ paper elucidating the approach to obtain variable strain rate effects in viscoelastic model.





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I declared modulus and viscosity being stress-dependent in my PhD thesis:

Upsetting and Viscoelasticity of Vitreous SiO2: Experiments, Interpretation and Simulation

I have posted the analogous procedure for the Kelvin-Voigt model on

Good luck


Hi Frank,


Would it be possible to use abaqus inbuilt models as Bergstrom-Boyce model to obtain strain dependent behavior for non linear viscoelastic material. The manual mentions that constants as A,m ,C and E are required .

How can I obtain these from experimental tests.




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