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Nanshu Lu honored as one of TR35 Innovators in 2012

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Assistant Professor Nanshu Lu  at the University of Texas, Austin is among the 2012 class of MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators under 35  (TR35), with the citation of "soft, flexible electronics bond to skin and even organs for better health monitoring". Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research are likely to be influential for a very long time.

Congratulations on such a distinguished honor! 


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You have done fantastic job! Well deserved!

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I'm sure there will be many more awards to come.

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Congratulations on this award!  Best wishes for the beginning of a brilliant career.

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Congratulations to Nanshu,  well deserved!

Fantastic works! Congratulations to Nanshu!

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Congratulations to Nanshu!

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Such exciting news. Sincere congratulations to Nanshu. 

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Heartest congratulations to Nanshu for her beautiful work! Hope to hear more good news from Nanshu!


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Congratulations, Nanshu!  Excellent work!

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Nanshu just talked about her work on bioelectronic interface at "mechanics as the building block for future" minisymposium at International Center for Applied Mechanics at Xi'an Jiaotong University. Such a wonderful work! Congratulations on this distinguished and well-deserved honor!

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Congratuations to Nanshu! Nice News.

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Awesome news. Congratulation Nanshu!

Li Han

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