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Matlab-based Digital Image and Volume Correlation Simulators


I just posted a Matlab-GUI easy-to-use DIC and DVC simulator tool on our website ( for download for anyone that works with DIC or DVC. The purpose of these simulators is to simulate deformation fields based on a user provided image (2D) or volume (3D), and evaluate the correlation results with the analytical solutions to provide quantitative feedback on the "goodness" of the provided images for DIC or DVC purposes.

Feel free to use them for research, teaching, etc. We welcome any suggestions for improvements, etc.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Christian Franck 


Dibakar Datta's picture

 Hello Sir,

                Thank you very much. 

Dibakar Datta

PhD Candidate ; Major : Solid Mechanics

Shenoy Research Group
Providence 02912 , USA

HadiDastani's picture

Dear Professor 

Thank you very much for these useful programs.

Best wishes for you.



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