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Poroelastic problems


Hi everybody. My name is Alexander Lyapin. I am a second year postgraduate student of Southern Federal University, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, and I am working in the field of poroelasticity. The topic of my future dissertation is "Dynamic problems of poroelastic enviroments". The main problems in my dissertation are fundamental solutions and enviroments with cavities of common arbitary shape. I use different methods such as boundary integral equations method Fourie transformation method and some other.

So this direction of studying is not very popular in our university, so I am looking for some reserch group or professor who works in this field. Will discuss all offers and questions. Thank you.



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It seems poroelasticity is applied to every field such as geotechnology, tissue engineering, polymer and so on.  Is boundary equation method a boundary element method? Do you focus on theoretical analysis of poroelastic problems?

yes poroelasticity can be applied to a lot of fields, the difference is only in models and material constants. I use model of M.Biot and S.C. Cowin.

Exactly boundary integral equations method (oops I forgot word "integral"). But the boundary element method is a next step of it. Using this method I can obtain solutions for problems with some cavities. For example poroelastic layer with cavity.  

Im working on both aspects.  I already have some results both in theoretical analysis and poroelasticity problems.

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Hi Dear Sir,


    Do you mean a cavity is surrounded by poroelastic medium? Is the BIEM solution you got  for arbitary shape cavities? I am a little interested in one you worked on. So you are going to find acoustic field radiated by poroelastic medium of arbitrary shape, isn't it?

   By the way, It is hardly to see Russian people arround? I am from China. Currently I am in Zurich. Not far from you.




Good day Mr. Lixiang.

Yes you are right. Now I am working on dynamic problem of transverse isotropic poroelastic halfplane with cavity of arbitary shape. And I've already constructed integral equations for this problem and try to solve it using boundary element method.


As you said, I have some cavity and poroelastic medium surrounding it. At the top of halfplane there are some boundary conditions. For example some pressure, or forces.

When you say "around". do you mean at this forum or what? =) I think some people from our department read this forum often. 

Best regards, A.Lpn. 


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Hi A.Lpn,

    Life is good. 

   I mean I seldom see Russian people in conference. Maybe that is because I usually didn't attend a conference.

 Acatually I have a question for you. Since you already have worked out transverse isotropic poroelastic halfpane with cavity of ARBITRARY shape, is there necessary for you to solve it using Boundary Element Method? Is numerical method used to solve the problem that cannot be solved by theoretical solution, isn't it?.



Hi Lixiang.

When you have some cavity of arbitary shape you cant obtain an analitical solution. There are analitical solutions only for cavities of canonical form, like circle or ellipse. So anisotropy also give you only numerical way for solving. For example problem of fundamental solutions for isotropic poroelastic plane has analitical solution, but transverse isotropic not. So the problem of poroelastic transverse isotropic hals plane cant be solved analitically.


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Thanks for your information.

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It seems you are working in the area of vibroacoustic analysis of cavities (rigid/vibrating panel) contain poro-elastic materials. I think finite element method is enough to shoot your problem (Inside the cavities).




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