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solved thanks

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Dear Reza Emdad,

is the beam 100% of steel or is it a concrete reinforced beam? How do you want to joint the FRP with the steel or with the concrete?



You can use Membrane 41 or shell 181 in ANSYS




Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply.

I have tested steel plates upgraded with FRP. The FRP is attached to the steel using adhesives.




Dear Reza

did you find any thing for your question?


I have the same problem and I want to model an overwrap composite around a steel pipe. if you have any paper or reference, it would be grate if you help me.





Not yet, Still searching for modelling methods,

I am studying ANSYS manual to see the capabilities

Under what type of load (or analysis method) are u retrofiting the specimen? 



Hi everyone,

I am doing my dissertation on seismic strengthening of structures using FRP.I have to make a model on ansys but has anyone used Near Surface Mounting (NSM) FRP on RC beams before?

Furthermore, since I don't have enough experience on ANSYS do you think Abagus would be easier to use?




hi,nariman and reza and likhin and mikel, please help me.

I modeled a steel coupling beam into concrete shear wall,
i am going to verify an exprimental model,but i steel couldn't get it, i think my problem is in modeling of beam to wall interface, i used embedded constraint, but it hasn't correct result,
please help me.
thank you 

hi guys

I was wondering if somebody knows how to model FRP in Abaqus for a concrete column?


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hi jpdavoud,nariman and reza and likhin and mikel

         i'm trying to modell RCC beam Strengthned with FRP using abaqus. . .i dont know how to establish contact between FRP and RCC beam using a adhesive.  .any suggestions will be of great help...


thank you


I need guide for modeling and analysis under quasi-static load of reinforced concrete beam with Frp in the abaqus software.
Please lead me




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 Hi everybody

In ABAQUS you should use shell element with s4r mesh in abaqus.if you want to analyse in plastic zone you should define haushin damage.

but if you use adhesive to join frp with steel you must define cohesive element with cohesion parameters.

but You can use Membrane 41 or shell 181 in ANSYS.

hii i want some help in modelling of steel frame for non linearity

@sharada : perhaps in Quora's forum they can help you more

thi from


crédits fifa 16

hey i want to model FRP wrapped RC beam in Ansys APDL. can anyone here help me with that please??

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