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Bird Nest Plan at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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The "Bird Nest Plan" Research Center aiming at recruiting and nurturing young future leaders in emerging interdisciplinary science and technology has recently been launched at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

HUST is a major university in China located in Wuhan, a hub abut a National High-Tech zone on 518 square kilometers. Outstanding young scholars are sought in all disciplines of science and technology, with initial focus on energy, biomedical technology, and optoelectronics. The "Bird Nest Plan" advisory board, working together with HUST, will help the successful candidates to arrange the academic training plan. Successful candidates will first be hired by HUST, and then sent to one of the leading research groups in the world as visiting scholars or post-docs for up to two years, with the living costs covered by HUST. After finishing the overseas training, candidates are expected to return to the "Bird Nest Plan" Research Center in HUST and establish an independent research program. After being evaluated, candidates can also work in a department or school in HUST corresponding to the candidate's expertise. Candidates must have an earned PhD in their field by the time of their appointment.

Please send a CV and research statement, together with three names of references to


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Are you able to elaborate more on which specific areas of energy and biomed science the university is interested in?

The area where I am at now exports quite a lot of bird's nest to China.  I wonder if the university is keen on any research collaboration.  Do you know?



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