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orientations of plies of composite plate in LS DYNA

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hello im a M-Tech student..i need  help regaring LS DYNA.i want to model a composite plate with the orientations[0/45/-45/90] i want apply the orientations and how to view the orientations of the plies. and i want know how to predict delaminations when it is impacted by a rigid LS DYNA..plz help me out


Please read section-shell in LSDYNA keyword manual, if you add this card "section-shell" in your input deck it will let you to assign to each integration point a material orientation. you can not see ply orientation indivitualy for each ply since for each shell section you have a continuum (laminate) not indivitual ply. you can attach two laminate or two shell with "tiebreak" to each other in orther to model delamination. they are other method to model delamination in LSDYNA I refer you again to LSDYNA keyword manual.

Hope this helps you.


hi Azadeh

 I hope you could help me out with a problem i met with ls dyna.

during the simulation there are some user defined history variables obtained from the results of each time steps, i could plot them on the screen by selecting " Fcomp---> Misc---> history var" .  Anyway do you know if its possible to write those variables at all time steps into a ascii file so that I can sort them out with my criteria ?


Thanks aaaaaaaa lot !!!

it would be so nice of you if you could write me an email :

umer jatt

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can any one of u create a epoxy glass composite model in lsdyna. please model a composite plate of dimension 150mm*150mm with the following properties.

Elastic properties of E-glassMaterial

E11 (GPa) E22 (GPa) E33 (GPa) G12 (GPa) G13 (GPa) G23 (GPa) 12 13 23 Vf (kg/m3)

48.0  15.3  15.3  5.1  5.1  5.8  0.315  0.315  0.332  0.65    2112

Strength properties of E-glass Material

 XT (MPa) YT (MPa) ZT (MPa) S12 (MPa) S13 (MPa) S23 (MPa) XC (MPa) YC (MPa) ZC (MPa) Vf

1297  27.8  27.8  39.2  39.2  38  820  150  150  0.65



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