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Which package suits for fatigue analysis?

I would like to simulate fatigue analysis to know the fatigue life, can any one guide me to do the same. and please specify which package suits for the same.




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Dear Balaa,


Look on the list of fatigue solvers on From them, there are two freeware options - PragTic developed by me and FatigueCalculator managed by Prof. Socie. Originally, FatigueCalculator was intended for a solution in one sole point, but a new version was released recently during the re-branding to eFatigue and there is somewhere written that you can work with whole FEA-models. I myself have not checked that, so its your turn. Or try PragTic...

Good luck anyway.




To my knowledge, STAU, as a post-processor of ABAQUS stress analysis, can be one choice for solving your questions. STAU is a statistical analysis tool for failure probability of brittle ceramic components subjected to cyclic loadings.



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Well, Yixiang, I've tried to google it, but haven't been much successful. I can find some papers commenting it, but no website with its description. BTW, STAU is a freeware or what is its status?

Thanks for your answer.



Thanks to Jan and Yixiang... i'll try to go through the hints.. Then i'll get back to both of you..

Thanks and Regards


Vinand V. Arabale,
Non-linear FEA,
MSC Software.

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