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ABAQUS and Constitutive equation

Dear all,

 I'm new to ABAQUS and I was wondering if we could have access to any constitutive equation in ABAQUS and add another stress tensor to the Cauchy stress tensor?


-- Hamid Attaran 


Friction welding of two metals where a process of joining an Aluminium and Mild Steel together.


Initially, I draw a simple shape of a solid part and define it as an Aluminium, another one is a Mild Steel with their respective properties. I connect the two parts together on the assembly>instances function, then I merge these two parts together so that it becomes one part. The idea here was supposed that contacting surfaces between these two parts should have shown a different pattern of heat transfer due to the different properties between Aluminium and Steel. I have entered the conductivity, specific heat capacity, density, elasticity, and also coeeficient of thermal expansion. In the Steps, I have entered heat transfer for the type of procedure. Then in the predefined field,I have entered constant temperature (constant room temp) throughout the parts for initial condition. Another predefined field, I have selected the middle line that connecting the two parts and magnitude value is 428K,which I assumed that the heat is rising to that value once the surfaces are in contact with each other. However, the results that I've obtained shown that the distribution of heat was similar in both parts eventhough I have defined them as Aluminium and Steel at the first place. The heat should have distributed more towards the Aluminium section as compared to Steel Section. However, the heat distributed in my case is equally spread through the two sections. Please advice on this matter as I really need help here. Thanks!

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