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Project Tuva (Feynman's lecture series)

Here is an interesting link I came across while searching for the Feynman lectures -- Project Tuva.

It provides each of Prof. Feynman's seven lectures delivered at Cornell as a part of the Messenger lecture series. This format of posting lectures by Microsoft is absolutely amazing. I hope more such lectures especially videos of keynote lectures in leading conferences and congresses can be made available online.



Zhigang Suo's picture

Thank you so much for pointing to this exciting link.  For years I have been reading the book based on these Cornell lectures, The Character of Physical Law.  The book is a slim volume, but is absolute a gem.  I can now watch and listen Feybman in action.

Dear Prof. Suo,

You are absolutely right. It is a very different experience to watch a professor deliver a lecture than to read the transcript. I was also looking for Feynman's 'plenty of room at the bottom' lecture. But I guess there are no videos available online. 

I would also like to point out another link with lectures: a channel on youtube.

This is an initiative from my undergrad institution, IIT Madras. There are several lectures here in a wide variety of disciplines and all of them are in English.


arash_yavari's picture

Thanks for sharing this link. The Character of Physical Law is a masterpiece. It is wonderful to see the real lectures.


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