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Dynamic Modeling for Viscoelastic material using ANSYS


I am planing to model a viscolestic material in ANSYS and condition is dynamic.

Could anyone please suggest what are the essential things (i mean datas) required for modeling a viscoelastic material?

For example, If I do the DMA test of viscoelastic materials i can have the modulus data at different frequencies. How to use those data in ANSYS to find out the stress-strain curve?

Thnaks for your kind help

parimal maity


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As far as I know there are two modules in ABAQUS can simulate viscoelastic behaviors. One is in material properties-mechanical-elastic-viscoelastic, and the other one is in plastic-creep. The first one is running by using Kelvin model, in which string and dashpot are in parallel, and in the second one it's in Maxwell model frame, in which string and dashpot are in series. Of course you can always implement subroutine to input your own material consititutive law

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you can try TB, SDAMP,... for viscoelastic material parameter definition. 

Damping coefficient can be defined as frequency or temperature dependent
properties for use in full harmonic analyses. SDAMP specifies damping in terms of the loss factor, which is equal to 2 times
the damping ratio.

The second possibility to define the viscoelasticity is using PRONY series. That's don't work in harmonic analysis (my experience) 


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