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cohesive zone with curvature


Anyone have experienece of curved cohesive zone model?

I just find people just use straight line cohesive zone geometry model.

Any difference between these two geometries?


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May be you can check this article, 

There is no curvature, the local cohezive interface is bilinear.

You can use quadratic elements, i.e. curved interfaces, as well, see 



Thank you! Still have no idea about curved cohesive zone. I'm intending to simulate 2D case in dynamic couple thermal mechanical explicit mode.

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Why not? In the second article you can find the reference:

"Ortiz and Pandolfi [23] developed a class of three-
dimensional cohesive elements consisting of two
six-node triangular facets (Fig. 7(a)). The opening
displacements are described by quadratic interp-
olation within the element. "

[23] Ortiz, M., Pandolfi, A. (1999) A class of cohesive
elements for the simulation of three-dimensional
crack propagation. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Eng. 44,

The method is adapted for explicit simulations. In 2D it is much simpler than in 3D.



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