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mesh dependence of continuum damage mechanics approach

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner in FEA of composites under impact in commercial explicit code Pam Crash.I want to know why the behaviour of composite plies with CDM approach show mesh dependency?Or a more general question for me is that what makes the FE simulation of a material with strain softening behavior mesh dependence(If this conclusion is right)? Does it make any difference with regard to mesh dependency if one uses implicit codes??





I have found some info with this regard,I will put it here in case it might turn in useful for others:

"mesh sensitivity of strain-softening materials is due to the local loss of ellipticity,or,equivalently,loss of hyperbolicity for dynamic loadings.Since the underlying reason is of a mathematical rather than of a numerical nature,the sensitivity to discretization occurs for any discretization method,including the mesh free methods."  Rene de Borst

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