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hi all

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I'm working on blood vessels constitutive equations and i need some papers but i can't find them

i hope if you can send them to me

here is my mail:

in need these papers:

 1-  Lee, E.H. : Elastic Plastic deformation at finite strains.Trans. asme, J .applied mechnics 36, 1_6(1969)

2-  sidoroff, F.:The geometrical concept of intermediate configuration and elastic plastic finite strain.Archives o~ Mechanics 25, 299--309 (1973)

3-Chaboche, J. L., Rousselier, G.: On the plastic and viscoptastic constitutive equations-Part I: Rules developed with internal variable concept. Trans. ASME, J. Press. Vessel Teehnol. 105,153-- 158 (1983).

4-  Sate, M., Ohshima, N.: Mechanical models of blood vessels and deformation theories. Japanese Journal of MedicM Electronics and BiologicM Engineering 28, 484--491 (1985!, (in Japanese).


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