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Does anyone know how to keep a record of what you have done in a CAE session?

In Abaqus/CAE, I get .cae file, but I want to teach someone else what I have done, step by step.

ANSYS keeps a log file that mimics exactly what you do in the ANSYS GUI, which is similar to CAE. 

How can I get CAE to write a log file with the steps that I did in the CAE session?


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I think Abaqus has .jnl file, which records what you have done.

I think you can also see the .rpy file.

If you go to Abaqus "Temp" folder, you'll find 3 files

1. filename.rpy - This is replay file written in python script. if you run this file through 'file' ->> "run script" the procedure you have followed to generate CAE model, that would be repeated including chnages, model entity deletion etc.

 2. filename.rec -This is recovery file. This file contains the shortest way to generate your model written in python script. I reccomond you to run this script.

 3.  filename.jnl - This is journal file. this contains python script of the model ehich you have saved.


The .rec file is erased at each Save, so, if you saved your work halfway through the model generation, you would recover only the last part, right ?


Yes, but I want to keep a record of the mouse clicks that I do in CAE, not the python script that is so hard to read. I discovered Abaqus PDE that can be called from inside CAE. It can play .guiLog files but... does anyone know how to get CAE to record a .guiLog file that can be played in Abaqus/PDE ?



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