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2011 APS Shock Conference Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for the 2011 APS Topical Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter are now being accepted.  This biennial meeting is the premier conference for shock compression, behavior of materials at high pressures and high strain rates, and related areas.  We hope you will be able to join us for an outstanding Conference in Chicago, Illinois, June 26 - July 1, 2011.

The conference will include oral presentations as well as a poster
session.  Abstracts can be submitted through the online system at the
conference website,
Additional information about the conference can be found there as well,
so please periodically check this website for updates.

Abstracts are solicited for the following planned technical sessions:

BL: Ballistics Studies
BG: Biological / Nanomaterials
CP: Composites and Polymers
DC: Detonations & Shock-Induced Chemistry
ED: Experimental Developments:
        (i) Diagnostics - PDV
        (ii) Loading techniques – e.g. ICE
        - Special Session on Lateral Gauge Measurements
EM: Energetic Materials
ES: Equation of State
GS: Geophysics & Planetary Science
HD: High Energy Density Physics/ Warm Dense Matter
ID: Inelastic Deformation, Fracture, & Spall
        - Special Session on High-Pressure Strength
MD: First-Principles & Molecular Dynamics Calcs.
MS: Materials Science
PC: Physics & Chemistry at High Pressure – static and low rate studies
PM: Particulate / Porous Materials
PT: Phase Transitions
SO: Spectroscopy & Optical Studies
Tu: Special Session on Post-Shock Turbulence

As has been done previously, conference proceedings will be published by the American Institute of Physics.  These proceedings are included in a number of online databases.  For the 2011 conference, all papers in the proceedings will be made open access so that conference papers will be available for free to all on the AIP website.

We encourage you to pass this information along to others who may be


John Borg, Jennifer Jordan, Tracy Vogler
Co-Chairs, SCCM-2011

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