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InternationInternational Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.2 No.3

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Published papers of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.2 No.3: 

1.    “Yield Design Homogenization Method For Compaction Of Monosized Spherical Powders”, Benabbes Anouar, Siad Larbi, Dormieux Luc, Wing Kam Liu, (Universit´E De Reims, France, Northwestern University, USA 

2.    “Deformation Of Closed-Cell Foams Incorporating The Effect Of Inner Gas Pressure”, Zhi Min Xu, Wei Xu Zhang, T. J. Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China) 

3.    “On The Simulation Of Uniaxial, Compressive Behavior Of Amorphous,Glassy Polymers With Molecular Dynamics”, Dhiraj K. Mahajan And Sumit Basu (Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur, India) 

4.    “Axial Flow Of Several Non-Newtonian Fluids Through A Circular Cylinder” D. Vieru, I. Siddique, (Technical University Of Iasi, Comsats Institute Of Information Technology, Lahore, Romania, Pakistan 

5.    “Singular Perturbation Approach To Maximum Principle Formulation Of Viscous Incompressible Fluid Flow” Ikuo Matsuba, (Chiba University, Japan) 

6.    "On Planar Multi-Link Robotic Impact Dynamics With Rank Rankdeficient Jacobian Matrices" Xiuping Mu, Christine Qiong Wu,  (MCgill University, University Of Manitoba, Canada) 

7.    “Quantitative Formation Permeability Evaluation From Acoustic And Electric Stoneley Waves”, Boris Plyushchenkov,  Anatoly Nikitin, (Keldysh Institute For Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy Of Sciences, Kiam, Russian Federation) 

8.    “Mathematical Modeling Of Freezing And Thawing Process In Tissues: A Porous Media Approach”, Sushil Kumar, V. K. Katiyar, (National Institute Of Technology, India) 

9.    “Out-Of-Plane Free Vibration Analysis Of Functionally ‎Graded Circular Curved Beams Supported On Elastic ‎Foundation”, P. Malekzadeh, M. R. Golbahar Haghighi, M. M. Atashi (Persian Gulf University, Islamic Azad University, Iran) 

10. “Analysis Of Mindlin-Reissner Plates Using Cell-Based Smoothed Radial Point Interpolation Method”, X.Y. Cui,  G. R. Liu,  G. Y. Li, (Hunan University, China; National University Of Singapore, Singapore) 

11. “Effects Of Balloon Length And Compliance On Vascular Stent Expansion” F. S. Cui, H. P. Lee , C Lu, P Chai, (IHPC, National University Of Singapore, Singapore;  King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology, Saudi Arabia) 


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