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Applying Cyclic Load in ANSYS

Any ideas/references/examples on how to apply cyclic loading in ANSYS?


Please refer ansys manual to get more information. 

or send me your mail id so that I can send you some useful information.


Go to ansys help and enter cyclic loads in search. you will get ample information.

If you dont find I will send one tutorial. 

could you please send me tutorial.and if you have log file for steel joints cyclic loading should be better.




Dear ramana.p755

could you send me cyclic loading ansys commands and how to apply for low cyclic fatigue.




dear romana.p755

 I  need help for modeling cyclic load,can you send me ansys commands for cyclic loading.


HI Baran,

 I am using cyclic load for my model, I was searching on how to plot a hysteritic graph of a cyclic load! I have a connection and I applied cyclic load to a beam, now I want to plot the moment-rotationn curve through the 30 cycles. I was wondering if you have any idea on how to do this? and which nodes I have to pick to obtain results. Thank you so much.




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hi, everybody

i am working on a fatigue analysis project , concerned mainly with optimization of fatigue life for a cracked plate,

my problem is how to use ansys optimization toolbox to obtain optimum fatigue life


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As you know that the Ansys is numerical code using for the modeling of structures, but in the case of cracked plate or beam , there is significant  problem which occur in the evaluate the stress around a crack. First you have to start with the determination of SIF stress intensity factors by using Fracture mechanic theory



can somebodz  pls tell me where should i make a cyclic load analysis


Hello,I know this is an old discussion but there is a simple way to apply cyclic displacement, or load, using Ansys APDL. The following is a summarized step-by-step procedure, but if you want to see an example you can visit this link. around 8 minutes you will see the example that is going to be solved using Ansys APDL, and the Ansys solution part starts at around 13 minutes. At the end of the video, around 25min, it is shown how to plot stress distribution and hysteresis response.Solution:1) Create a table with one column and as many rows as you need. The column you create is for the displacement values, the column for “time” values is going to be there.2) Then, fill in the table with the values for time (first column) and displacement (second column).3) Apply the displacement in the direction you need. Once you select Apply>Displacement>On Node, select the option “From existing table”, and then select the table you created on Step 1.4) In the Solution section, select “Static analysis”, and in Sol’nControls set the “time at the end of loadstep” as the last time in the table. For example, if the table has a protocol of 100 seconds long then your “time at the end” is 100 sec.5) Solve>Current LSI hope this helps! :)Rafa_S

In case the previews link doesn't work.

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