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Finite element modelling


I am modellling a beam with a  hole in ABAQUS and runs pretty well. Now I would like to model a small area of the beam.

For an example the rectangular area which has been shown in the attachment file. When I model it What should I put as a boundry

conditions ?. I know that you may say that reactions of the beam (namely, Moment, shear, axial force) but I would like to just

investigate this part under pure bending and shear. What should I do? 

A model without  support is unstable ????

It is a crazy idea but how could it be followed?

Thank you,


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Try using submodelling.


Thank you for your comment. Would you please let me know how to start submodelling in ABAQUS. It is the first time

that I am hearing about that. Any link and other things will be highly apperciated.

Thank you,


Dear Parisa,

Which are the loads applied on the beam? Is it loaded only by its own weight? Of course a model without  support is unstable...Please tell me more about the loads and bundary conditions you applied to the initial model which, as you say, worked well.

 Best regards,


 George Papazafeiropoulos


Second Lieutenant, Hellenic Air Force

Civil engineer (M.Sc.), Ph.D. candidate

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