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abaqus, cel, coupled eulerian lagrangian, fluid flow

I am trying to model a tube which is filled with liquid that is being crushed.  I am using Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian to model the problem in abaqus, and there are a few distortions/errors in the model.  I am using symmetry to model only quarter of the model.  The liquid actually comes out from the sides of the tubes as the two attached pictures show.  


Zoom in from the side.  It shows the eulerian elements coming out of the tube

Showing the model results

The eulerian mesh is really fine with nearly 1.5 million elements.  I was curious whether i'm missing an important boundary condition for applying in the eulerian region, or some sort of mesh control.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Ledjan,

I am also working on the same field. Well, i am also trying to simulate the flow of water in ABAQUS.

Would you mind sharing your i/p file or if you have any fluid-solid example, could you please send it to my mail id :




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