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Stiffness of a beam


As a part of my research, I would like to break down a simply supported beam to two beams shown in the attachement.  I expect to remove the bond and use of springs for transforming deformation of upper beam to lower beam. What could be the stiffness of springs which could be used in new model?

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one think that I am not sure about these models is, theses two models can not be the same. because you are using springs in vertical direction as a interface between two beams but you do not have any elements on interface to take shear stress.

Hi Azadeh,

Thank you for your reply. I have put the horizontal spring in my model tp model shear... I am just wondering that what would be stiffness that may be used in  my model?

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Dear Parisa,

I thought about your problem. you can check your model by simply applying a force F at the middle of both beam (beam which is one piece and beam which consists of two beams and  set of spring). your deflection and final shape should be the same for both beam. if you cut horizontally the first beam you will have force distribution along the interface and you have displacement as well so with a linear relationship you can find stiffness of springs since you have load and displacement. my guess is that you will come up with a function for spring stiffness depends on where they are.

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In fact you don't have to use a spring to model the bond. The two layers along with the bond can be perfectly modeled using VABS , a general-purpose cross-sectional tool, to get the corresponding beam stiffness, which can be used in your 1D beam analysis.

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