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3D Doctor Tool



I hope this is the right forum to get some help for my work. 

I am looking at CT data (DICOM files) to make FEM models. To generate
3D surface/volumes for FEM, I was looking for softwares. They all are
pretty expensive (4-10K USD). I have decide togo with Able Software's 3D-DOCTOR. I am lookign for some reviews or user experience or comments for this tool.




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Hi prabhjot,

My professor at university of Arizona has created a similar tool using MATLAB. You can send him email at You can give him my reference. I was his student. Try using this tool. It would be free.


Hi Sid,


Thanks I will write your Prof.



Dear siddharthvad:

I have exact problem about making of dicom or MRI image to FEM model ,do you let me that I contact also with your professor and say your name as a reference?

Thank you 


I have recently written  software image to fem, I have tested it with large data and my software has no memory limitations like simpleware or any others. I write my software for composite materials, but I have not yet enjected floodfill alghoritm to my software. If you have any quest. with your problem you can ask me.

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