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FEM simulation on damage of brittle materials with Abaqus on mesoscale

Hi, Smile

I'm a fresher in abaqus. Now I'm trying to simulate the damage of brittle kind of materials, like concrete with abaqus on mesoscale. But there are some problems now...

The random meso-structure has already been generated by matlab, but I don't know how to import the information of the geometry which are some coordinates? I find the file formats which could be read by abaqus, like Autocad .dxf,.step...but I'm not sure how to do it exactly since geometry information are in terms of coodinates in matlab.

I also tried to write the coordinates into .inp, but I found the geometry can only be generated with mesh including nodes and elements. So does that mean I need to mesh it manually firstly?

Actually, I want to use lattice model with beam elements in abaqus. however, the beams can only be made on wires target. Does that mean  the mesostructure should be replaced by lattices or wires firstly?

Now, I'm confused completely. CryCould you help me if you'd like?

You are sincerely appreciated!




1) you can use python scripts to read the microstructure data into ABAQUS/CAE to generate your model.

How? Use python scripting within Abaqus/CAE.

If you are unfamiliar with python, you may need to create the model with one or several microstructures in CAE and then read the abaqus.rpy file that stores all the operations you have performed in CAE.

Then you can modify the scripts to automatically generate the microsctructures and your model. ABAQUS User's manual also provides introduction to python.

2) If you are confused with your model, please provide more details about your problem. 

Your may model the microstructure (using line elements (1D), beam elements or something else) and the matrix separately. Then apply constraints to them.

Or, you may embed the microstructures into the matrix. The microsctures and the matrix share nodes.

Hope this helps.



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