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Running user defined subrutine in Abaqus 6.7-1


when I try to run my subrutine in Abaqus I encountered with an error message: ABAQUS ERROR:
Unable to create a temporary directory" C:\program files\intel\..."
to be used for scratch files,how can I solve it? please help.




I have the same problem with abaqus 6.10. Did you find a solution?

I have run the job file through cmd with the command abaqus job=D:\myTempForAbaqus\columnLayup3

And the scratch directory has been set to D:\myTempForAbaqus in the environement file. 

My system:

Windows 7 32 bit ultimate
Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler Proffesionel 11.1
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 professionel edition
Abaqus 6.10

Best regards


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