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Failure criteria for fabric composite or woven composite

Hi All,

Most exisiting failure critera delevolped for fiber composite laminates and they are rough estimations for fabric composite. I want to know if there is a suitable failure criterion for fabric composites.




Hello Azadeh,

As far as I know, some people use multiscale modeling to study the failure behavior of  fabric/woven composites.

Failure breaks down into two levels i) microscopic level and ii) macroscopic level. At i) failure criterion for constituents

are considered and the outcome of i) will be transfered into ii) using micro-mechanics.

You may take a look at this reference:

1)  R. Rolfes, G. Ernst, M. Vogler and C. Huhne,  Material and Failure models for textile composites, in Mechanical  Response of Composites., R.R. Camanho, C.G. Davila, S.T. Pinho

J.J.C. Remmers, eds. 2008, Springer, Netherlands

2) and others 

Thank you very much. specially the first one is very useful.


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