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CMMSE 2010 - Call for papers - Minisymposium on Sampling theory and meshfree methods

Please note the Minisymposium on Sampling theory and meshfree methods as a part of

the International Conference on Computational and Mathematical methods in Science and Engineering
CMMSE 2010, 26-30 June 2010, Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
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 This mini-symposium aims to bring together such related areas of
mathematics and computational mechanics as Sampling Theory and Meshfree
Numerical Methods.

The sampling theory studies a possibility to reconstruct a function
by means of a sampling expansion involving function values on an
appropriate sequence of points and plays a prominent role in various
applications such as signal and image processing.

Meshfree (or meshless, gridless, particle) methods, which have
become popular in the community of computational mechanics in the
recent decade, omit a discretization mesh when solving PDEs. Thus a
number of advantages arise compared with conventional mesh-based
numerical methods like finite elements, finite differences, or finite

Organizers encourage to submit their abstracts on both
mathematical and numerical aspects of sampling theory as well as on
their recent developments in the field of novel computational


 The short papers (3-4 A4 pages) will be published in the Proceedings (CMMSE
2010: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Mathematical
Methods in Science and Engineering, Almería 26-30 June 2010, ISBN 13:


After the end of the conference, the full papers
will be published in a special issue of one of the following journals
           International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, (Willey).
           International Journal of Computer Mathematics, (Taylor & Francis).
           Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, (Springer).
           Journal of Supercomputing, (Springer).
           Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (Elsevier)
           Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms , (Kluwer)
           International Journal of Applied Science and Computation,
           (Institute     ASC, Univ.of Eastern Illinois).
           International Journal of Neural Systems, (World Scientific)
           Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, (IOS Press).
           Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, (Willey).

Please send your initiate acceptance along with a tentative title of
the paper as soon as possible to the following e-mail addresses.


The mini-symposium is organized by

  • Tania Levitina
    TU Braunschweig, Germany
    Institute of Computational Mathematics
  • Hennadiy Netuzhylov,
    TU Braunschweig, Germany
    Computational Sciences in Engineering (CSE)
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