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AISI 4150 or DIN 50CrMo4 Steel Flow Stress Curve Data for Machining Simulation

Hi All,

I am into machining simulation of 50CrMo4 Steel in DEFORM 3D and I need the flow stress curve data for various temperature and various strain rates. I have searched in as many journals as possible, but in vain. It would be of immense help if some one could share the material model data with me.

Thanking you in advance

With Best Regards

Ashwin Devotta 

If 4150 and 4340 have similar compositions you should be able to use the flow stress data from 4340 that you can find on my paper linked to on

The flow stresses are similar for many steels even though the strains to failure may be quite different.

-- Biswajit

Thank you very much for the reference. But 4150 has 10percent lesser reduction in area % and 2 percenl lesser elongation when compared to 4340 and so the material model will definitely change because of this. I am still searching for the material model. So if you come across, the material model somewhere, please let me know. Thank you very much.

With Best Regards

Ashwin Devotta


I am also looking for the stress starin curves of related material 51CrMoV4 .....(AISI 4150) ..for details go to my blog : 

 Flow Stress Curves for 51CrMoV4 material at varying temperature and strain rates




i m doing my masters project in milling of thin wall sections , i have done almost all thing but the problem is im not getting any chips during machining even after element deletion can any one suggest a way out to this problem  

thank you


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