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Fatigue of Materials S. Suresh

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From what I have read of this book, it seems to be fairly
clearly written.  There are good physical explanations of the phenomena
and nice figures and micrographs.  It is very comprehensive, meaning that
it seems to really cover all of the bases in terms of fatigue.  This book
pertains to our class in that there are numerous chapters on fatigue
cracks.  Also, there is a chapter on an introduction to fracture
mechanics.  Some parts of this chapter a little too mathematical for my
tastes, but this obviously appeals to some people.  Also, the introduction
to fracture mechanics is not as good as in other texts.  Texts entirely
about fracture mechanics are obviously deeper on the subject (however this book
is not solely a fracture mechanics book as these others are).  I would not
want to use this book as a fracture mechanics textbook, but for learning the
state of the field of fatigue, it is very good.





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