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Subsea Integrity

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I am teaching Subsea Integrity for the MSc students majoring in Subsea Engineering at the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen. This is a course that combines the fundamental principles (corrosion, fracture, fatigue and material selection) with the industry applications (subsea integrity management and implementation, cathodic protection, case studies on subsea reliability and engineering assurance).


Teaching time schedule

Week 1 (Tuesday, 2/2):  Subsea integrity management and implementation (industrial lectures, IICORR Ltd)
Part 1 – Subsea integrity management (Mark Wilson), movie, pdf
Part 2 – Subsea integrity implementation (Dr. George Watson), movie, pdf

Week 2 (Tuesday, 9/2): Corrosion I (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Subsea integrity module, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Electrochemical cell, movie, pdf

Week 3 (Tuesday, 16/2): Corrosion II (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Subsea corrosion, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Corrosion protection, movie, pdf

Week 4 (Tuesday, 23/2): Corrosion III (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Corrosion rate, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Polarization, movie, pdf

Week 5 (Tuesday, 2/3): Fracture I (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Stress intensity factor, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Fracture toughness, movie, pdf

Week 6 (Tuesday, 9/3): Subsea engineering integrity and assurance (industrial lecture, Ji Wen, BP plc), pdf
Part 1 – movie
Part 2 – movie

Week 7 (Tuesday, 16/3): On Project and Tutorial 1 (corrosion) solutions (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Project
Part 2 – Tutorial 1 (corrosion) solutions

Week 8 (Tuesday, 23/3): Cathodic protection (industrial lectures, IICORR Ltd)
Part 1 – Cathodic Protection Monitoring (Richard Holt), movie, pdf
Part 2 – An Industry Perspective on Cathodic Protection Design (Tim Queen), movie, pdf

Week 9 (Tuesday, 20/4): Fracture II / Fatigue I (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Environment assisted cracking, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Fatigue fracture, movie, pdf

Week 10 (Tuesday, 27/4): Subsea integrity (tentative)
            (industrial lectures, Martin Harley and Dave Flett, Talisman Energy UK Ltd)

Week 11 (Tuesday, 4/5): Fatigue II (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Corrosion fatigue, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Tutorial 2 (fracture) solutions, movie, pdf

Week 12 (Tuesday, 11/5): Corrosion/Fracture/Fatigue (Dr. Tan)
Part 1 – Tutorial 3 (fatigue) solutions, movie, pdf
Part 2 – Summary


can we use ansys for modelling the cathodic protection process

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