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Fracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications by T.L. Anderson

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This book complements the course ES 247 (Spring 2010) because it covers most of the course's material and also it contains some of the topics that are not covered in the course, with examples. The book gives comprehensive treatment to the subject and applicable to a wide audience. The first chapter is basically devoted to the history of Fracture mechanics and raises issues related to the importance and why we should learn this subject. Throughout the book, the author provides the theoritical background and practical applications related to Fracture mechanics.


The first reason why I like this book is, it's readable because it's organized in a unique fashion. We can gain physical insight in to the subject through the fundamental concepts without higher level of math but there are some chapters and appendices for advanced readers too. I found comfortable reading this book compared to most of the other text books and I don't think there are any special weaknesses with this text book, so I would like to recommend this book to other students.  



HI do you  have any email from Prof Anderson?


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