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Mechanics of porous material

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Hi all,

I am going simulate a plate of porous material (SiC) to evaluate its strengh.

Would someone share some knowledge on the mechanics of the porous materials.




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Hi Hao,

write poroelasticity in the search bar of imechanica (top right corner). Then have a look at Suo's blog: "poroelasticity and diffusion in elastic solids". Here you can find some papers. For example "Foundamentals of poroelasticity", which is really very good.


If you want to model the a porous material plate with avialable constitutive model. I think the HELP document in ABAQUS is enough.

If you want to build the microstructure model and study its unknown mechanical properties, I think everyone is begin from the book: Cellular Solids by Gibson and Ashby.

Chen C., Lu T. J., Fleck N.A., 1999. Effect of imperfections on the yielding of two dimensional foams, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 47 2235-2272  is also recommended.



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