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Bifurcation of surface pattern in epitaxial thin films under anisotropic stresses

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Y. Pang and R. Huang, J. Applied Physics 101, 023519 (2007).

Surface instability of epitaxial thin films leads to a variety of surface patterns. Anisotropy in surface and bulk properties has profound effects on the dynamics of pattern formation. In this study, we theoretically predict that, under anisotropic mismatch stresses, a bifurcation of surface pattern occurs in addition to generic symmetry breaking from isotropic systems. Numerical simulations based on a nonlinear evolution equation demonstrate pattern selection at an early stage and nontrivial patterns for long-time evolution.


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You may find out that the following two references are useful to you:

doi:10.1063/1.371999 by Yu and Suo

doi:10.1016/S1359-6454(02)00056-3 by Gao, Lu and Suo

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Thanks for pointing out these two papers. I do have copies of these papers. They are indeed relevant. We probably should have cited them in addition to Lu and Suo's PRB paper. Compared to self-assembled monolayers (may be considered as a film of zero thickness), the patterns of epitaxial islands can be quite different (an effect of surface curvature as well as wetting, I think). Nevertheless, the principle of bifurcation illustrated in this paper is similar to the previous works on monolayers and surface reaction, with a root in the classical half-space problems in elasticity.


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