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How to distinguish the 'Tensil' and 'Compression' state for 3D elements?


Hi, I'm facing this problem for a while. Does anybody have any idea?


Hi, why no response?

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Tension or compression becomes a direct concept in case of 1D problems only.  In 3D, there could be tension in a given direction, while compression occurs in some other direction, in most of the problems, at the same point itself.

If you are interested in maximum values of tension (or compression), it may be possible to use first (or third) principal stresses in a 3D analysis.  But remember that first principal stress can become compressive at a point/problem, while the third principal stress is tensile at a different point/problem.


Hi Jayadeep,

Thank you very much for your reply. I totally agree with your statments. What I'm wondering really is how to detect the tensile failure for 3D solid elements.


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