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How to use ansys to model the tangential deformation of a rotating blade.

Dear all,

I have one question here. A blade is mounting on a rigid disk's outer rim. The disk is rotating at a variable angular speed. The system is  used to model a turbine wheel with a blade mounted on it when the engine is ramping up or shuttng down.

The thing I want to calculate is the blade tip deformation in tangential direction during this engine ramp up -steady state -shut down process. Does anybody know how to use ANSYS to model it?

We have just done a test actually. When we ramp up the speed of the disk. The test data shows that, as the blade rotates faster, it deforms more tangentialy toward rotation direction.  Everyone thinks that the blade should be moving in the direction opposite to the rotation direction as we ramp up the speed.

Nobody understand why?

 Thanks for help first.




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How does look you blade? If it has central of mass translocated to opposite side of rotation the momentum will bend blade toward rotation direction. Or pressure bends it. How do you make your disk to rotate? We need foto or drawing for undestanding correctly.

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