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Delaminated Composite Plate


 I am researching delaminated composite plates.

 How can i model the delamination area in two plies, is abaqus a correct choice for modelling?

 Delamination area is rectangular or circular.



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Delamination between plies in a laminated composite plate can be modelled by de-merging (duplicating) nodes at that region. If you expect that there would be some sliding/touching of the delaminated surfaces, you have to create contact elements also.

All major commercial FE softwares (like ANSYS and ABAQUS) support this.

I hope this helps you.


- Ramdas

Hi Ramdas,

I have done many studies with Ansys, i ve created a parametric log file and analysed them easily, but  when i want to model a circular  or rectangular delamination in the middle of the plies i have some trouble,

If you have, could you share tutorials, articles, lecture notes, links or log files  for delamination?

I found several articles about delemination but there is no detail how they model the delamination area.

Many thanks for your helps.

Best Regards

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Unfortunately I don't have any tutorials on this. If you want, I will help you in modeling your problem. You may send me the details.


- Ramdas

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I would like to know what this means in Abaqus warnings "unconnected" in 3D contact model.

Thank you


Hi Ramdas,

You will find the detail models at (25 kB)

Can you help me about modelling in Ansys or Abaqus these models.
(Especially in Ansys)

Plates have 8 plies and contain a delamination area between the 4. and 5.

Best Regards,


Hi Ramdas Sir,

 I am doing my M.Tech project and I'm stuck in modelling the impact.

Could you please help me out? 

Since it is a low velocity impact, I want to model delamination, but while modeling composite layup, all i see is a planar surface. When i tried to model it as solid layup, then i couldn't assing the region to the plies.

Even if my composite layup is right, but then i'm not able to simulate the impact.

I gave velocity constraints to the impactor and predefined velocity in da direction normal to the plate toward the plate. But still it is not affecting the plate.

I want to model the impactor as a rigid body.

Please help me out, sir...

I would be highly obliged..

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